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 Harvesting machines

Equipment and machines for fruit and berries harvesting. 


Electric transport

Smaller and bigger machines for inside and outside works. 


 Garden trailers

Different trailers for fruit and vegetable transportation. 


 Sorting lines for fruits and vegetables

New and used sorting lines for fruits and vegetables. 


 Solution for berry sorting

Different equipment for processing and packing berries. 



Selecting tables for fruits and berries. 


 Washing equipment for fruits and vegetables

Different machines for fruit and vegetable washing before processing. 


 Vegetable processing machines

Smaller and bigger machines for vegetable processing. 


 Autoclaves and sterilization machines

Equipment for sterilization food products in jars, botles, cans. 


 Fruit crushers

Crusher equipment for fruits and berries. 



Destoning machines for cherry, plums, apricots, peach. 


 Pneumatic presses

Pneumatic presses. 


 Industrial screw presses

Industrial screw presses. 


 Belt presses

For pressing fruits and berries in big quantities. 


 Hydraulic basket presses

Hydraulic basket press with capacity 25L, 60L and 100L. Right choice for respectable farm. 


 Hydraulic packing presses

Packing press with two shift press cages. Production capacity up to 1200 kg/h. Productivity ~ 75%. 


 Water presses

You can quickly and easily extract juice from apples, pears, grapes and other berries with the help of a water press. 


 Mechanical frame presses

Perfect design and simple to use.  They are suitable for getting both – fruit and berries juice. 


 Mechanical screw presses

Made of high quality steel with the fruit baskets made of beech. They are suitable for getting both – fruit and berries juice. 


 Presses for berries

Equipment for extraction juice from different kind of berries, tomato pasta and jam. 


 Pressure cask for drinks

Cask for production sweet, low-alcohol sider or must with any desired alcohol content. 


 Vinegar producing equipment

Equipment for production apple or other types of vinegar !!!


 Juice pasteurizers

Different equpment for juice pasteurizing. 


 Bag in Box

BIB filling machines, bags, boxes and other accessories. 


 Filling equipment

Filling machinery for different products in bottles, cans, jars. 


 Filters and pumps

Do you interesting about juice, beer, wine pumping and filtering? Look here!!! 


 Tanks for beer, juice and wine

Stainless steel for fermentation and storing wine and other nutritional liquids (juice, oil, beer, vinegar etc.). 


 Refrigerators and freezers

Professional refrigerators and freezers for food industry. 


 Fruit dryers

Bigger and smaller dryers for drying herbs, fruits, berries, vegetables and mushrooms. 


 Electric kettles

Professional electric kettles for food/non food industry. 


 Packing machines and equipment

Do you need to pack your products in smaller size bags? Machines with packing volume from 50g-50kg! 


 Cooling containers

Containers for cooling must, juice or wine. 



Destilatori un destilēšanas aprīkojums alkoholisko dzērienu iegūšanai. 


 Vibrating sieves and tables

Vibrating sieve machinery for separating food/non food product in different fractions. 


 Packing material for wine bottles

Packing material for wine bottles, soaps. You can use it as desidn product. 


 Different machines for fruit processing

Do you interesting about peeling, coring, slicing or dividing your product in 24 parts?  Look here!!! 


 Beer processing equipment

Different equipment and machines for beer home brewing and business. 


 Herbs and tea processing machines

Equipment for herb harvesting, cutting, essential oil production. 


 Chocolate processing equipment

New and used chocolate machinery for production different kind of sweets. 


 Nut and seeds processing equipment

Hazelnut, walnut and different seeds processing machinery. 


 Different machines for food processing

Equipment for milk, cheese, eggs, coffe and other product production. 


 Agricultural machinery and equipment

New and used farming equipment. 


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